As Soarington has quickly grown, we have often been asked what has led to our success.

Our answer is simple: Our ability to leverage our deep experience in Organizational Effectiveness to hire experienced consultants who share our values to not only deliver results to our clients and partners, but to also create a positive experience along the way.

Our management team is committed to ensuring that the decisions that we and our consultants make, and the actions that follow, are guided by our commitment to earning the trust and confidence of our clients and partners.

Our founder, Trevor Spunt, who began working as a consultant 20+ years ago, has always been drawn to opportunities to help organizations solve problems. Trevor quickly developed a reputation as someone who was able to assess complex organizational situations and identify sound strategic and tactical courses of action.

These skills and experiences were critical to Trevor’s success at IBM where he created and managed the growth of the organizational change management consulting practice for the General Business sector.

When Soarington was founded, Trevor established a management team with diverse yet complementary experience who share similar values.
This enabled the team to create a business grounded in the pillars of Experience, Reliability, and Integrity; pillars that have enabled Soarington to become a firm that our clients, partners, and consultants trust.

At Soarington, we do not provide generic solutions but instead pride ourselves on our ability to customize our offerings to meet the needs of our clients. Our core offerings include Change Management, Executive Coaching and Leadership Development, Project and Group Teaming Effectiveness, and Group Facilitation and Workshops.

We look forward to the opportunity to show you what Soarington can do for you, and to making your experience with us an enjoyable one.