We work with senior management, individually and in groups, to improve their ability to lead and manage, increasing their effectiveness and impact on the organization.

ExecutiveCoaching_smallQuestions we help answer

  • Does my leadership style reflect the needs of the team?
  • How can I become a more effective leader?
  • How can I build better relationships at every level?
  • How can I find the right balance between leading and managing?
  • How can I find the right balance between pushing to get results and supporting others?
  • How well do I communicate and what can be improved?

While functional/technical skills and knowledge are essential for effective job performance, much more is required of leaders.

Strong leaders are creative, decisive, empathetic, flexible/adaptive, goal oriented, motivating, self-aware, strategic, supportive, and are open to change. They delegate, inspire others, offer creative solutions, solve problems, and have superior communication skills (e.g., active listening, building rapport, communicating in difficult situations).

Executive coaching and leadership development provides managers the opportunity to develop and sustain these essential leadership competencies.

Our approach

  • Soarington works with executives to develop leadership skills and a deeper self-awareness.
  • We initially focus on understanding your current leadership style, strengths, and blind spots. Feedback from your peers, subordinates, superiors, and potentially customers and suppliers may be included as part of this process.
  • From there, our coaches will work with you to develop the skills that will help you achieve your personal and professional objectives while dealing with different styles and getting the best from teams. With new insights, a clearer focus, and ongoing support, you will reach your goals faster and more effectively.
  •  We also help leaders in new roles develop an initial approach on cultural alignment, relationship building, messaging, and setting expectations for subordinates.

As part of our services you will receive:

  • An advocate who is focused on you and your personal development
  • An assessment of your strengths and how they can be better used to your advantage
  • The identification of areas for development along with corresponding tools and techniques to assist you
  • Coaching on key competencies that are critical in your current job performance and future career advancement
  • Guidance on all forms of communication to ensure the message, medium, content and tone are aligned with the audience (e.g., your boss, your team, your peers)
  • Techniques for quickly building rapport and from there gaining trust
  • Strategies for influencing others in support of business objectives
  • Techniques to help you work with individuals who are disruptive and resistant to working collaboratively
  • Skills for coaching and mentoring others for improved job performance and career development
  • Skills for supporting and guiding others working through challenging situations
  • Strategies for ensuring your continued growth and development beyond the coaching sessions