13 Ways Change Managers can Demonstrate Value to Projects

1.          Create a change management plan that can be integrated into a project plan.

2.          Help a PM communicate with their project teams more effectively. (eg. Dashboards, Team Meetings etc.)

3.          Help generate management and/or employee alignment around an objective or a goal.

4.          Train people on how to better manage through change.

5.          Create a plan to make sure the necessary training is delivered.

6.          Create a communications plan to ensure people have the information they need, at the right time with appropriate feedback mechanisms.

7.          Identify different ways to communicate where current approaches are not working effectively.

8.          Help to identify where there may be resistance to a change and ways to address this resistance.

9.          Identify risks and issues that may be getting in the way of a change.

10.     Provide a checklist of what to consider just before a deployment to make sure the organizational risks have been addressed.

11.     Help work through the training logistics so that training sessions run smoothly.

12.     Create an evaluation to measure the success of training and opportunities for improvement.

13.     Provide ‘soft skills’ training to the project team as needed (Decision Making, Meeting Management, Time Management etc.)